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Want to mount an engine pack to improve the performance of your Dirt Bike? We recommend the KLX 160cc engine pack: an over-vitaminized pack to get faster acceleration, more torque and top speed! With this pack of spare parts for your Dirt Bike, dare to compete and put out of reach your competitors. This engine is one of the most nervous of the market, known for its high reliability and power, the 160cc engine has more to prove itself: Much more powerful than a 140cc or a 150cc. This pack includes: 1x engine 160cc type KLX 1x electrical harness 1 pin 1x high voltage ignition coil type RFZ 1x red racing cdi 1x 26mm Mikuni carburetor 1x Air filter Volt performance 42mm black Tip: Make a lapping of 3 full. Once your Pit Bike has been used under 3 full, you can turn your throttle fully and gas! Do you have questions to mount your 160cc engine on your Pit bike / Dirt Bike? Do not hesitate to contact one of our Minimoto experts.



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