Engine 160cc YTX


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We offer a YTX 160cc engine equipped with its breech type KLX is the most famous engine in competition of Minimotos. Big difference with the 149cc YTX engine, it is not at all the same configuration of parts, with the 160cc there is a KLX cylinder head instead of a CRF, the crankcases are reinforced, the piston larger (bore of 60mm instead of 56mm), the valves are also much larger, so the engine has more strength at low rpm. You can also have this engine in 4 Valves by using the 4S YTX cylinder head (product available on our website). Possibility of evolution of the engine with carburetor KEIHIN PE28. Remember to check your settings: carburettor, valves, distribution, once your new YTX engine mounted! Once done, you can put the gas and put your competitors out of reach! ULTRA engine widespread in Dirt Bike / Pit Bike competition 160cc equipped with a cylinder head type KLX big valves Internal oil filter Reinforced casings Edition 2019
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