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Did you know that all Apollo Motors Racing Parts are of superior quality, which not only gives them a pleasant appearance but also allows them to face the toughest conditions? With AM Racing Parts in the original factory look, you can turn your Pit Bike into a racing bike! Specially designed for good shock absorption as well as foolproof grip That's it ! They are there ! Apollo Motors grips used and tested by their riders throughout the French Pitbike Championship are available for sale. You will have the choice between 9 colors: Black, white, gray, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, pink. These handles have 4 clamps for your wire to tie. The specificity of Apollo Motors is to have placed the 4th at the end of the handle, just in front of the grooved inner flange for a double locking and an optimal hold of your handle. A system that ensures maximum grip when you have the "wedge" handle. The grip is excellent, Apollo Motors has thought of a 50% embossed / 50% pimple coating which allows complete integration of the twists of wire to be ligated and makes their awkward feeling disappear. On the outside of the handle, the reinforced oval-shaped tip allows the hand to stay on the handle without slipping. It also allows for better durability in the event of a slight fall.
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